sam|ple1 [ `sæmpl ] noun count ***
1. ) an example or small amount of something that shows you what all of it is like:
sample of: I took home some samples of curtain fabrics.
We had to bring some samples of our work to the interview.
a ) a small amount of a product given to people to try:
free sample: They gave me lots of free samples of their make-up.
b ) only before noun made as a sample:
a booklet that gives some sample examination questions
2. ) a small amount of a substance used for scientific or medical tests:
Tests were performed on hair and blood samples.
take/collect/obtain a sample: Researchers are taking samples of the air close to the factory.
a ) a group of people used for getting information about a larger group or about the whole population:
After six weeks on the drug, over 60% of the sample showed some improvement.
The reliability of the results depends on the size of the sample.
random sample (=chosen without any definite pattern or plan): The study took a random sample of 100 students from 3 schools.
3. ) a short piece of music copied from a record, then used again as part of a new piece of music
sam|ple 2 [ `sæmpl ] verb transitive *
1. ) to test a small amount of something in order to get information about the whole thing:
The air is sampled continuously to measure changes in air pollution.
a ) to taste a small amount of food and drink in order to see what it is like:
We sampled the soup and found the flavor surprisingly delicate.
2. ) to use a group of people in order to get information about a larger group or about the whole population:
Only 23% of those sampled said they were in favor of reducing the speed limits.
3. ) to try doing a new activity for a time:
Here you can relax and sample life without the trappings of modern business.
4. ) to copy a short piece of music from a record, then use it again as part of a new piece of music. This activity is called sampling.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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